Platforms, platforms everywhere

Change and evolution is a natural process in nature that can not be stopped. It is possible that a group of individuals having a certain power and authority to force and prevent a direction of evolution, but progress itself as such can not be stopped.

Time flies quite imperceptibly. Does anyone remember the time when computers were connected mainly with black and white programs on the command line? Or the dawn of the Internet when to connect you were forced to use your fixed phone and "hear" the coming Internet?

Nowadays everyone has a connection to the network in their pocket. Accordingly, to the extent that some of the people has become a disease. For people who have control over their mind and who manage to zoom out from the technology and by his own ego, this represents a tremendous opportunity.

The opportunity to earn money in new ways, opportunity to reach virtually unlimited number of people, the opportunity to express yourself in ways not possible until now.

Each product is being converted to platform. Large corporations in the US (and not only) are aware of it. After windowing user interface, the largest software companies opened their operating systems and made it possible to anyone who wants to can by some effort of course - to create programs that run in their environment. That was before applications for desktops. Nowadays, we are witnessing how applications created for a particular system is open and it is possible to write programs that extend the functionality of existing software products. These are applications like Messanger and Telegram, Siri and so on.

No need to comment on that guy who manages to create a platform to deliver value and be open to others, will be located on top of the pyramid, which will give him freedom and opportunity to influence exceeding the power of a normal person.

This trend is visible not only in the software world. Nowadays to the USB ports, you can connect - memory, adapters expanding connectivity (Wi-FI, Bluetooth, 3G Modem), lamps, cooling trays (for a laptop). Even parts of cars from different manufacturers are beginning to converge and will not be far now when we are compatible with each other.

Where goes the attention, energy increases.

Sometimes it is interesting to stop the flow of thoughts and start to watch what people are interested in, what they use, what excites them, what they fear.

No less important it is to have your own opinion on issues that affect you personally or indirectly - affect the people you love.

The combination of two things allows you to get on the crest of a wave and direct a small stream of "water" in the desired by you direction . Only with contemplation nothing in life is achieved.

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