Personal Budget - Tutorial

First, before you start entering income and expenses, you need to enter your current portfolios.

In section portfolios you can see what income and expenses came to each portfolio and to transfer money between wallets.

Then you can start entering your incomes

and expenses.

In the "Stuff" section, you can see all the items and how much revenue have come from them and how much cost.

On the home screen you can see statistics of the cash flow from and to your portfolios, income and expenses for all the time and for the current month. This screen will undergo the biggest changes. As I enter more data over time, I am considering to Implement graphics - pizza with slices, project or activity costs, timing of revenue and expenditure for the year.

In the section devices - you can set with which phones, tablets or computer to synchronize your data. I have implemented two types of search - complete search that scans across your LAN, and quick search. You may manually enter the IP addresses of devices to which you want to synchronize your data. Through it is possible to synchronize your data beyond your local network.

Once the devices have found each other, they should authorize so not everyone who comes into your local network can access your data. For this purpose, the screens show 4 digit number, which you should confirm that it is the same on both devices. Once set your devices you do not need to do anything more - you can start entering revenue and expenditure and your data will be synchronized as soon as both devices have the Internet.

Personal budget
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