Mind Blowing

This is one cool motivational video that I watched today. Think about it.

"I was thinking for real about like this election and how much people are spending their time. They are going to spend the next month screaming about their candidate.
What's really weird is how much energy people are going to put into something that's outside of themselves and what I am starting to see so clearly that people don't understand that they have this bizarre capacity that they've never used. It's been just sitting there dormant.
We are talking about issues about how many unemployed there are. That's like what is deciding the election even how many jobs there are. How many jobs there are available and how many people are unemployed.

That only exists because people don't understand that they could create their own company right now. Everyone could and they could do it with something that they absolutely love. We have the capability of looking inside of ourselves with the question. What am i good at. And people never made that list. They are not looking to what they do best. I had mention this in a blog today and I got some resistance from people they're like - well, you don't know my story and I look at their Facebook profile and I looked at their past posts and it's just negativity. Talking about stuff that has nothing to do with you (football, politics). When your entire life depends on when a group of men beats in a game another group of men. That thing that won't matter later. That's where your full energy people are passionate about. Something they have no control over and nothing to do with them.

If people understood that they could ask: what am i capable of doing? People don't know that. If you are a nurse and you don't have a job you could create a podcast on what you've noticed about health and people that have had happy help trends. Right away people answer I don't know how to podcast. All that information is available online. We live in a time where we have the most opportunities available and the most repressed amount of belief that they can. People writing on Facebook literally defending why they can't do something. You don't know my story. Bla bla bla. You think your situation has anything to do with what you can do right now ? You don't want empathy. You want people to feel sorry for you. You want to change it. You want to go how can I use this. So it's not the people situation that matter. What are you looking at. Are you really reading the regular newspaper or watching CNN or Fox news. You are spending 12 to 15 hours a day with your focus outside of you. All of it does not matter to you. We are trained that way. You sit in a classroom for 12 years and you have authority to tell you all day how life works. After time you finally just believe that someone else knows better than me. The only people that are going to make it in this world are the people that are choosing to keep learning, people that are choosing to keep growing. People that are always where their passion is. It is working inward. People hear that and they think - I can't.

No. You just been around a bunch of people who say the exact opposite. You've just been watching CNN. They are designed to keep you addicted to them. You just sit there helpless while they say well this is happening, this is happening, and this is happening. And you think. O key now I'm sad, now I'm happy. There is a lot of conditioning that has told you you can't do stuff.

Look what have you done the past year - that is why you are wherever you are. It is physically impossible really to focus on what you want and keeping working towards it and just fail all the time. You must fail a lot of times but who cares. Just go to the next thing. What people do is they see one failure and then they stopped doing everything. The scariest thing is to face yourself, to face your potential, to see what you can do to stop your addictions. Just buckle down and do it. When people are faced with it people would rather fight, they would rather kill other people then to be wrong. That is crazy.

Every second you waste defending what you can't, you stay the same, you make your story. Do you thinк what your resources are is your current bank account ? Your resources is your ability to learn. Stop putting so much power to everything outside of you. Stop getting up and thinking that everyone else can lead you. You can lead yourself. And then everyone around you will start to see it and do it too. It is mind-blowing."

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