First steps in business 4

On Saturday (11/28/2015) I had the opportunity to attend the seminar "First steps in business 4 " Organised by JCI Plovdiv. Lecturers were several successful entrepreneurs and people with experience.

The first speaker was George Darzhanliev, who explained at length about the need to have a legal knowledge to be able to interact with the system with maximum flexibility. He gave some practical tips:

  • To create a limited liability company instead of ET;
  • Use foundation and Ltd. instead of association;
  • To use e-services whenever possible, and so on.
Coincidentally, last week I myself became a victim of the lack of a legal basis and I appreciate very much the need for such knowledge.

The second speaker was Konstantin Vasilev. He told his story. Messages which he bets were:

  • The sale is psychology;
  • If you do something, do it willingly, with a personal and respectful and people will appreciate it;
  • Draws most of every situation.

The next speaker was Lalka Zlatanova. She said a lot about the media and journalistic and she mentioned a few innovative ways to make money from the internet.

After lunch, Ivaylo Hristov delivered a presentation with valuable experience in the field of entrepreneurship:

  • What makes a person successful - always a zeal, a desire to move forward;
  • It is important to make mistakes, because success and failure are in the same direction - the direction of the action;
  • Hearing and the analysis of feedback - it can be as useful and constructive, and make us a bad joke;
  • It is important what people we surround ourselves;
  • To test the world is there a need for what is in our heads with small steps - ideas are not the most important and could undergo changes to become truly benefit the people.

The last presentation was no less interesting, confirming some things from previous speakers:

  • It is important what people we surround ourselves;
  • Ego in business can make us bad joke.

In conclusion of the seminar was the conclusion: You will not fail if you do not try, but if you not try, you will not be able to succeed either !

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