Developer’s Life 29.03.2018

Today I published an update of my Generator Tool with the following changes:

  • Vaadin ListComponents and AddEditComponents now have a base abstract classes. This way, using object oriented features, the code duplication is minimized to minimal.
  • In the Spring Generator, I added generation of JdbcTemplate Data Access classes and RowMapper classes. The generated code is not fully tested. I’ll do that the following days.

The following days I’ll add combo box in the Spring Generator in my tool’s interface to choose between simple (non-spring) Jdbc and Spring’s JdbcTemplate. This will open the door for adding JPA and Hibernate options when they become ready without a lot of code changes to the Spring Generator.
I’ll also add long awaited change to the Jdbc Generator for choosing how the connection is initialized – via DriverManager or from Initial Context. I actually don’t have production code using DriverManager API because connection initialization is expensive task but I kept the generated code as it is for the current time for simplicity and faster local testing. Accessing database connection via Spring Managed bean or a JSP/Servlet Managed resource is the preferred way because of the caching, speed and the optimizations that these tools and platforms provide.

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