Developer’s Life 27.03.2018

I haven’t blogged about what I am working on for the past few days but not without actually publishing stuff about programming. I wrote two articles about Database design and Application Architecture Approaches. I also started creating videos that will gradually showcase the frameworks that my application supports – how they work and how my tool works – with clicking on the screens and showing the actual generated working code

Today I published an update of my Generator App.  Version 14 adds support for loading child references of entities in a single query from within the generated code. Also the setting of fields is exposed to static methods so you could create your own Data Access Classes and reuse the setters. This gives the advantage of not needing to change your custom DAO classes every time you make some small change to your entities.

The Vaadin generator is now using “select with parent” functionality. Some bug-fixes, redesign and improvements are also online – like selecting parent record from a combo box instead of database identifier, rearranging the buttons and the labels and so on. I am planning to add some more Object Oriented code optimizations but for now – the code is working.

In the Spring Generator – the generated forms use Bootstrap and the tool now generates links to redirect the web interface to the child records. I lot of work is awaiting here as the Spring Framework is so vast, but everything will be done when it gets moving forward within the queue of tasks.

I also made some improvements and bug-fixes to the tool itself. I’ve added a checkbox field and a combo box element in the platform property component and I’ll gradually make the generation of some of the stuff optional and will add the possibility to choose between different options when the technology underneath allows it.

I am also working on some actual applications the use generated code but will post about them when they are ready.

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