Developer’s Life 13-14.03.2018

Today I integrated GPS Location request into my incoming app.
The Location stuff in iOS is centered around CLLocationManager from this class you could initiate GPS data access (by one of the methods – requestWhenInUseAuthorization, requestAlwaysAuthorization. What I realized is, that the permission request will not appear until you have set(typed in) application specific messages for a reason why you need this data. You must adding these lines in Info.pList:
Program requires GPS to show you where you are on the map
Program requires GPS to show you where you are on the map
Program requires GPS to show you where you are on the map
From the Location Manager Class you can – check if you user has turned on the global for the device setting (on or off) of the GPS sensor and what is the authorization status for your specific app. When you have access you could access the location from an instance of the CLLocationManager (locationManager.location). This field is Optional, because theoretically the device may have trouble getting location from the satellites and GSM towers.

Today I published a working version of the Java Spring Generator(JSG). For know the JPA / Hibernate stuff in the JSG will be disabled and it will use simple JDBC. The Rest Interface is actually ready. My plan on this “street” is to right now – finish the Spring Web Interface so I could verify all the generated code and start implementing the specific business logic of my Data Application Platform.

I’ll add J2EE JPA model and Hibernate model generation at some point and after they are completed, I’ll add a combo box in the Spring Generator to choose between the Model and the Data Access options.

On the Vaadin path I am making some progress on the Internationalization of the User Interface. It will be done in the following days and I’ll start implementing my internal tool using Vaadin. When more Model and DAO options are ready, I’ll probably extend the Vaadin Generator also with these choices.


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