Developer’s Life 12-13.03.2018

Today I made some progress on the Vaadin Generator. It now disables auto-incrementing fields, when you select a record that has relations it shows a button that opens new grid with filtered entities by the selected record. On this path I am gradually moving towards implementing the logic of internal tool / administrative panel. Some more big or small changes will be added along the way. One of the them for sure will be Internationalization support.

Currently the Spring Generator is broken. I am starting to code the UI of the data tool and I started the skeleton application generated by my Generator App. It is a good practice to run your application from time to time during development so you can find hidden misses along the way. The default Repository Pattern in Spring uses JPA Data Access. So my Generator Tool currently doesn’t generate JPA Models ( I have planned to implement it ).

One cool design practice in Spring Framework is, it uses Java Interfaces a lot – everywhere. What I’ll do the following day(days) is I’ll generate also a JDBC Service implementation and mark it as default for now. When I implement JPA Model generation, I will probably add a combo-box in the Spring Generator – you will be able to choose which Data Access Implementation you want.

Nothing to show on the iOS app yet. Once I stabilize the stuff on the Generator App, I need to minimize my multitasking a little bit and focus more on this application, so I could finish and publish it.

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