Developer’s Life 10-11.03.2018

Today the sky above Plovdiv was crystal clear. Not a single cloud most of the time:

So I spend most of the afternoon outside with friends.

While in front of computer I worked in multitasking mode again.

Some small progress on the next iOS app. Nothing to show yet.

On Vaadin part, I made changes to my internal prototype app to load related entities and I started integrating the stuff into the Generator so it could become generic – for any type and any kind of entities. It will be completed in the next following days.

On the other task I changed my tool a little bit so it can become a little bit more user (developer) friendly. Most of the generators need some settings to generate code according to best practices and conventions – different packages for different functionalities and modules, different file system locations for different file types – like code vs web resources.

Another change I’ve planned for my tool is adding automatically dependent generators. If you want to add Vaadin or Spring generator, you’ll need some kind of database access and models for it. This is known as separation of concerns in programming. Every module is doing its own stuff. So in the next version, when adding some kind of User Interface generator, the tool will check if you have models and DAOs.

So, for Java Spring Generator I made some optimizations. When you enter the root path where you want your source to be generated, if your folders are not empty, the generator looks for folders named according to the stuff it generates and if it founds stuff – it auto-populates the fields for the settings. The stuff is not yet published (public) but it will be soon.
Also I have made the necessary changes so when I start creating videos / tutorials / about – how to use my tool, or doing any stuff around other technologies, it will require from me very little effort to move this functionality to all the other Generators.


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