Developer’s Life 08-09.03.2018

I have nothing visual to show you today. I’ve been busy in the Real World a little bit and the coding part is all in progress.

Sense my Generator App is Data / Information I am planning (long term idea) to create a platform on which it will be faster, easier to create information apps with no or with far less coding (Non-Developer version of my Tool). I’ll probably reuse much of the code of my tool extending and improving it along the way. I already started this by adding some smart default values of stuff.

I am will create video tutorials in which I will show how I use my Generator Tool. In the process I will probably improve the Tool itself and also the generated output.

Right now I have received an idea about App that is Data Oriented – that I am going to test part of my new stuff:

  • For front-end for now I think to use Xamarin Front End – so I will bug-fix the Generator for it in the process.
  • For back-end handling the data – I will use Spring Boot and some ORM so they also will be added to the Generator Tool (and fully tested) in the process.

I am also in a process of building one internal tool for managing stuff and for that I have started using Vaadin as a UI. Actually my tool already has basic support for it. More advanced features on it will be added in the process of completing my internal app.

The Web Page of my tool: is getting a little bit outdated. Currently the All version is only 50$ – for a license with all the features of the Tool. Until I update it, the prices will be at the current levels. But, once I bug-fix and verify the generated code functionality of all the new stuff that is currently started and coded (but currently not fully functional) the prices will gradually start to increase.



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