Developer’s Life 07-08.03.2018

Today I managed to complete several things.

I merged the changes to the Xamarin prototype App to my Generator App, so now the generated code is working! It is probably far from perfect but no software is such out of the box. I need to think out what will be my next (new) project that will be the test for finding any bugs and finding what more to improve to the generated code – more features, more architectural components, etc.


I managed to get working the icons on the Action Bar on the Breathe in iOS app. The problems were several:

  • First the Action Bar Button item requires small icons (50×50). This is different to what I am used to on the Android Platform ( at least from the previous design guidelines )  where you place different sizes of the images (from 192×192 to 36×36) to different folders and the system chooses which images to load.
  • It looks like there is a guideline to create an icon by – what the icon should look be – as non-transparent and the rest of the icon as transparent. I thing that way are created Icons on Android also but for the new ( probably already not so new ) design guideline where the icons are placed on the Toolbar (Component). I think it is called clear design. As I am programmer focused mainly on functionality, you’ll have to excuse me from my gaps on the UI part.


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