Basing Mind and Emotions to Reality

To be truly connected to the real world is hard. Why? Too many illusions and abstractions to deal with. What is not an illusion? But, the word illusion has a little bit of bad notation or meaning and, as always every opinion about anything is subjective even if it is according to the 99.999% of the people and it may not be true for one 1% of the people and even not true at all.

What is real? Simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. Very few people had personal memories and had lived after a death experience and returned to tell us what is the reality beyond our own. Again it may be another illusion. Who knows?

I’ll enumerate several stuff from the world that are illusions according to my personal opinion. These things are ruling us because most of the people are believing in them.

Money — no matter from which kind —dollar, euro, peso, levas, paper currency, precious metal currency, digital or crypto, barter trade or whatever. The financial instruments are used as tools by the most of the population to do stuff for each other. This is something very noble and inevitable to live inside the matrix. In all types of human society we know so far, a minority of group splits out of the mass starts to use the tool for personal gain and escape the need to “work”, because it is just a tool and the masses are tricked to believe it is more. Besides escaping the “matrix” and becoming free, focusing too much in money creates a life without life, because money is just a measurement of value and not actually a real world thing. The only reason this detour path from the matrix is successful is because other people are slaves to that measurement. How much of life a person actually lives if the only target of it was the money? What will be the meaning of the Life and how much if it he will have lived — if that person dies tomorrow (because nobody can be sure 100% if tomorrow he will wake up).

There is an opposite idea that is mostly philosophical that you cannot define a person by the material possessions and the physical look, but with his attitude. Does two tires or four tires give you some unwritten advantage over some other person? NO! We are all going to die. There is a quote from Plato that —“The measure of a man is what he does with power.” When a person has power — no matter what kind of power or advantage against others — how he treats other humans (and animals) shows what quality of a person is he.

The Ego — again there are two opposite extremes that are unhealthy.

Do you blindly believe your own opinion about the world?

What is true and what is changed a lot during the history of human kind — what is the smallest thing, what is the biggest, what spins around what, laws change, faith transforms, money changes, and so on. If a person thinks he is always right, he becomes cocky and unpleasant — apart from actually not being right at all about certain aspects.

The more blindly a person attaches to the not true opinions, the more he closes his mind and misses opportunities because of self-centered stubbornness. Life is not black and white. If a person could find a corrector and calm down the dark and untruthful part of himself, in most cases and in general is more winning mindset.

The reason that having some or having big Ego is partially a winning mentality is because most of the population has little to non. The world is driven by fear, misinformation and doubt, financially as well as mentally and having a courage elevates. Most of the people are afraid to speak up their truth even if it is requested by the other side, even if it will result in their own benefit.

I had and have some personal experience with the apps I am creating. I’ll mention a small example — My first app reached more than 50 000 users and the actually active users that gave me good and repeatedly constructive feedback that made the application better was under 20.

The Ego is also just an image, what others think of you. In an extrovertly driven world having a ego could be healthy in some degree. The Ego could be an instrument to the awaken person, going deep in some play inside the world society, but not attaching your true happiness and self being to the act.

The other opposite is to think that you don’t belong to this world, to have no self-esteem, no courage, to try to occupy minimal space, to not speak your own opinion, to hurt and have no faith in yourself. That is totally losing mentality. The bad part of it is that the decision is up to everybody for himself. Self-esteem cannot be injected, at least not very easily.

Thinking and Feeling — Especially excessive thinking and diving too much in emotions. Not saying that thinking and feeling is bad. Just the opposite. If applied for good and in practical activities, they are very useful and attract others. But, attaching to them is counter-productive, because they are in the mind of the person and their relevance to the physical world is sometimes very relative.

Illusion is that the world is only evil, illusion is that the world is only good. You could find both in the world, depends on what you seek, on what you focus on. What you focus on determines your state of being, your happiness. Forget all the abstractions you attach your mind and emotions actions to! What are you actually doing? The amount of happiness also depends on the part you choose to play in life — the active or the passive part, the selfish or the selfless, the good or the bad and so on.

Two of the unproductive directions of the mind and the feelings are thinking and wasting a lot of energy about the past and the future.

The past can never return. A person may change his view point about the past and learn some lessons. but never when attaching and focusing too much to it. The past itself is gone forever and it may repeat, but it may not for sure.

The second point of mental waste of energy is thinking too much and too far in the future. Not to say it is bad idea to plan for the future and project your ideas and act with passion and energy and plan to do and do. The wasting part comes when an image in your head acts endlessly and nothing of it comes even close to becoming reality. All that scenario lives only inside the mind is garbage. Only acting on the feelings and thoughts could materialize the ideas in the head.

Shallow and sometimes even deep technical terms that are glued to stuff to mesmerize and manipulate the non-educated mind.

The most popular term in the Internet is Value. I scream in pain when I hear or read it. Everybody uses it. It is so abstract that potentially can be attached to everything according to some custom subjective point of view.

Pursue of Happiness. Like the Value it is very very subjective and it is 99% an inside (in the mind) game. In life - grab some illusions from the reality and make them yours and pursue them without attaching too much feelings and fatalism if not successful.

20 years ago Internet was a new thing, 10–15 years ago social media was a new thing, blockchain become popular after the creation of the Bitcoin crypto currency. The new words that popup with the development of the technology are often used in marketing to attract, to enchant and cheat the non-educated person. There is similar use of terms and manipulation in several other spheres of life, besides the tech world — like the health industry, the car industry, the education industry and so on. Not knowing is not an excuse. The more you know the harder someone will trick you into scams and the better you will be prepared for real world.

The true power of the awaken mind is to be able to return back to the world or to society ( or whatever he chooses ) and use and mold the illusions and the believes of the society for his personal vision, to create himself with the tools of the century. Giving up means death and that is a loser mindset — totally not cool and not productive — in terms of anybody’s future — not your own, nor the people around you. Whatever happen in the past — actually doesn’t matter. What will happen in the future is up to the decisions of today.

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