About the futility in politics

Talk is cheap. Show me some code. - Linus Torvalds

A lot of my friends can not remember a period in the past, which was quite active - shared political things went protests, sending queries using the law on access to public information.

All complain of politicians. But where do people think these politicians come from? They do not fall from the sky, do not pass through a hole between the dimensions of another reality. Come from Bulgarian parents of Bulgarian families of Bulgarian homes of Bulgarian schools, Bulgarian business and are elected by Bulgarian citizens. This is the best we are capable of. That's all we have to offer. What the system produces. Garbage at the entrance - garbage output. If you have selfish, ignorant, uncaring for the common citizens, you get selfish and ignorant politicians. Or modification of the rules or another vote will make a difference - will line up brand new selfish and ignorant politicians. Maybe not the politicians who stink. If politicians really are the only ones to blame - where are the brave and conscientious people willing to step forward and save the nation? None. All are either in the mall, or on Facebook, consume and do nothing useful for the common good.

George Carlin

Here are a few tips that will save you time and frustration in nonsense:

Pointless to talk about politics. In democratic, legal, corporate world Say no strength! From dis 99.99% of political broadcasts razdumikte above and below the table lose their meaning.

In the democratic world WRITTEN has almost no effect unless it is accompanied by incoming and outgoing number, signature and stamp of the institution or person responsible. Do you remember the silly Facebook privacy policies? Their legal force has the same efficiency, the same negative effect, and sharing on social networks - what politician or which party what she did. They do educated people. And I was Vichy, when I went through a turbulent period. Knowledge does not equal wisdom.

To draw attention to something useful - I've heard and seen how people use the law on access to public information. Literally seconds attitudes of particular rulers, though not very high position had changed suddenly.

Next time when something you like better contact specific institution, possibly with a constructive approach, how to change for the better. Once Slavi Trifonov managed to push the referendum in Bulgaria, each Bulgarian citizen also can - you have to believe in it enough.

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